Why a Used Volvo Excavator Could Be the Right Choice

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When searching for the perfect used Volvo excavator, there are many factors to consider – from size and power to price and condition. But did you know that a pre-owned excavator could be the right choice for your project? With the cost savings and quality assurance of a used Volvo, there’s no doubt pre-owned excavators are gaining in popularity. Here we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a used Volvo excavator over a new one.

used Volvo excavator

What to Look for When Buying a Used Volvo Excavator

Firstly, it is essential to examine the excavator for any damage or wear and tear that could affect its performance. Check for rust, broken parts, or oil leaks which can indicate deeper mechanical issues.

It is also important to investigate the history of the machine in terms of maintenance records and the number of hours used in service. Additionally, it is wise to inquire about any attachments such as a grapple bucket or hydraulic hammer that might improve productivity.

Furthermore, inspecting the cab for comfortable seating and clear visibility from the operator’s side should not be overlooked.

Finally, making sure that you are aware of any applicable warranties or aftersales services available is key when purchasing a used Volvo excavator.

Benefits of Owning a Used Volvo Excavator

The used Volvo excavators are known for their reliability and longevity, often lasting longer than newer models from other manufacturers. They require less maintenance due to their robust design, allowing you to save money in the long run. Additionally, used Volvo excavators provide high levels of versatility thanks to their wide range of attachments such as grapples and hammers. Furthermore, owning your own machine also provides the flexibility to work on job sites that may not have access to rental units, increasing your productivity and reducing overall costs. Finally, with second-hand market prices being much more affordable than buying new machinery, it is even easier to make this worthwhile investment.

Features of the Volvo Excavator that Make it Stand Out from Other Brands

The Volvo excavator stands apart from other brands in many ways. All these features make the Volvo Excavator an ideal choice for any construction project.

Firstly, it is renowned for its superior durability and strength, making it more reliable than other excavators on the market. Its rugged construction also allows for increased productivity with less maintenance compared to competitors’ models. Additionally, Volvo’s range of excavators comes with a variety of attachments that provide greater versatility and flexibility when working on different job sites. Finally, they are known for their fuel efficiency which translates into lower operating costs.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Used Volvo Excavator

Firstly, always do extensive research and check reviews of previously owned machines to understand what type of quality you can expect. Secondly, make sure to inspect the machine thoroughly in person or with an expert before purchasing. Pay close attention to wear and tear on the arms, tracks, and other components as these parts can be expensive to replace if not in good condition. Additionally, clarify all questions about financing options before proceeding with any purchase. Lastly, find a reputable seller who has experience selling used equipment to ensure peace of mind when making your investment.

Common Problems with Used Excavators

Used Volvo excavators can have their share of problems, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions when buying one.

Firstly, check the wear and tear on the tracks, arms, and other components as they are likely to be replaced if they are not up to standard. Secondly, inspect engine components such as oil pumps, coolers, and fuel lines as they may need replacing depending on the age of the machine. Thirdly, check for proper lubrication of all moving parts as dry ones can cause excessive heat build-up during operation. Fourthly, examine electronic devices such as sensors and circuit boards for damage or wear. Finally, request a copy of its maintenance records from the seller to get an overview of how well it was taken care of in the past.

used Volvo excavator

Cost Savings of Purchasing a Used Excavator Compared to New Models

Buying a used Volvo excavator can save money and get a great machine. On average, used models cost around 30-40% less than new ones. On top of that, there are also significant savings in terms of insurance and maintenance costs. Additionally, since the initial cost is lower, you can invest in more features or upgrading performance components with the money you have saved. Taking all these factors into consideration makes purchasing a used Volvo excavator an attractive option for any budget-minded buyer.

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