Used Mini Excavator: 5 Hidden Gems in the Market

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With so many possibilities, finding a used mini excavator might be difficult. Before buying a used small or compact excavator, you should know what to look for. “How many hours is too many for a used mini excavator?” and “What are the most common problems with used mini excavators?” are crucial questions to ask. Additionally, knowing the cost and where to buy quality used mini excavators helps prevent future issues. This Yonggong post will reveal 5 hidden jewels in the used mini excavator market that offer great value and performance.

Used Mini Excavator 7 Hidden Gems in the Market

The CAT 305.5E2: Best Used Compact Excavator

The CAT 305.5E2 is a top-value used compact excavator due to its performance and price. Despite its small size, this second hand mini excavator has a potent 40.2 horsepower engine that digs well. The hydraulic system of the CAT 305.5E2 is smooth and precise, making it ideal for construction applications. Urban projects and landscaping jobs benefit from its compact radius design, which makes it easy to maneuver in confined locations.

The pre owned compact excavator can dig 11.2 feet and weighs 11,443 pounds. Its sophisticated cab design provides operator comfort, sight, and simple controls. A sturdy build quality makes the CAT 305.5E2 durable and reliable. The hidden jewel in the used mini construction equipment market is the CAT 305.5E2, a solid small used excavator that performs well at an affordable price.

Kubota KX71-3: Cheap Mini Digger

Its durability and affordability make the Kubota KX71-3 a great mini digger used. With a 24.4 horsepower engine, this second hand mini excavator is suitable for modest to medium-sized jobs. With its sturdy frame and smooth hydraulic performance, the Kubota KX71-3 is a superb choice for used mini construction equipment without sacrificing quality or practicality.

The maximum digging depth of this pre owned compact excavator is 9.8 feet, and it weighs 6,305 pounds. The Kubota KX71-3 can easily handle confined locations because to its tiny size. The machine’s ergonomic controls and cab improve operator comfort and efficiency. Over time, its fuel-efficient engine reduces operational costs. A reliable and affordable small used excavator, the Kubota KX71-3 is a good choice.

Bobcat E35: Best Used Compact Excavator

As the best second hand compact excavator on the market, the Bobcat E35 stands out. This 33.5 horsepower used mini excavator has a maximum dig depth of 10.2 feet and excels in power and economy. Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) design improves maneuverability in tight locations, making it ideal for urban construction and gardening. This model is reliable and adaptable for trenching and grading.

Bobcat E35 features include a 7,659-pound working weight and a hydraulic system that controls attachments smoothly. Its sophisticated cab design offers operator comfort with adjustable seating, straightforward controls, and exceptional vision. Due of its fuel efficiency, the Bobcat E35 reduces operational costs. For purchasers looking for a high-performing pre owned compact excavator, the Bobcat E35 is a hidden treasure among used mini construction equipment due to its durability, power, and operating precision.

 Komatsu PC35MR-5: Small Used Excavator

One of the most durable small used excavators is the Komatsu PC35MR-5. This second hand mini excavator is reliable for heavy-duty jobs due to its sturdy structure and long lifespan. With an 11-foot digging depth, the Komatsu PC35MR-5’s 23.5 horsepower engine performs well. Ideal for gardening and construction work, its compact shape makes it easy to maneuver in tight locations.

Komatsu PC35MR-5 features include an 8,324-pound operating weight and a sophisticated hydraulic system for smooth operation. The robust undercarriage and durable components of this pre owned mini excavator contribute to its long service life. Operator comfort and productivity are enhanced by the machine’s ergonomic cab, good visibility, and climate control. A hidden treasure in used mini construction equipment, the Komatsu PC35MR-5 is a highly durable and efficient used mini digger for sale.

Kubota U35-4: Recommended Used Mini Excavator

A well regarded pre owned mini excavator with a reputation for dependability and performance is the Kubota U35-4. This small used excavator has a 24.8 horsepower engine for power and efficiency. The Kubota U35-4 is perfect for landscaping and construction with a maximum digging depth of 10 feet 7 inches. In tight settings, its small design makes it a versatile urban project alternative.

The Kubota U35-4 has an estimated 8,129-pound working weight and a sophisticated hydraulic system for accurate control. The luxurious cab of this used mini digger provides superb sight, ergonomic controls, and a comfortable working environment with climate control. Durability and ease of maintenance improve machine reliability and lower operational expenses. The Kubota U35-4 is a hidden treasure in the used mini construction equipment market, giving exceptional value and performance.

What Should I Look for in a Used Mini Excavator?

Buying a used mini excavator requires a thorough checklist to ensure a good purchase. Inspect the used mini excavator thoroughly, paying close attention to the tracks, undercarriage, and body for signs of rust, wear, and structural issues. Make sure the engine starts smoothly and listens for any unusual noises. Test the boom, arm, and bucket hydraulics to ensure smooth operation without jerky motions. Make sure all controls and devices operate in the cab for comfort and functionality.

Check the hydraulic system, attachment coupler, and track tension. A leak-free hydraulic system should supply steady power. Check the attachment coupler for wear, which affects adaptability and efficiency. Stability and smooth operation depend on properly regulated track tension with no excessive wear. The advantages of purchasing a second hand or pre owned mini excavator include cost savings, quicker availability, and frequently, these machines come with additional attachments or bespoke modifications that increase value.

Used Mini Excavator 7 Hidden Gems in the Market

Where Can I Buy Reliable Used Mini Excavators?

Yonggong is a leading provider of used construction machinery and equipment. With a diverse product range, dependable quality, competitive pricing, and rigorous quality control measures, we have earned the trust of an increasing number of customers. Our primary offerings are used excavators, highly favored by our clients for their outstanding performance and durability. If you are looking for used mini excavators, contact us please.

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