Should I offer both short-term and long-term excavator rentals?

Hello, I'm Cole, a small business owner who recently started an excavator rental service. I have a variety of excavators suitable for different types of tasks. However, I'm not sure if I should offer both short-term and long-term rentals or stick to one. I'm curious to know if offering both options would attract a wider range of customers or if it might complicate things unnecessarily. Any advice from experienced individuals in this industry would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hello Cole, offering both short-term and long-term used excavator rentals can indeed broaden your customer base. Short-term rentals may attract customers with one-time projects, while long-term rentals could be preferred by those involved in larger, ongoing projects. However, it’s important to manage your inventory effectively to avoid overbooking. Also, consider the maintenance costs for long-term rentals. If managed well, offering both rental options could benefit your business. Remember, customer service is key in the rental business. Good luck with your venture, Cole!


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