How to Choose the Right Excavator for Logging Work

Hello, I'm Robert, a logging contractor from Oregon. I'm in the market for a new excavator for my logging operations. The terrain is often rough and steep, and the logs we handle are quite large. I'm considering factors like size, power, and attachment options in my decision. With so many types and sizes of excavators out there, it's challenging to know which would be the best fit for my needs. Can anyone with experience in logging give me some advice on choosing the right excavator? Your expert input would be greatly appreciated!
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The Author Yong Gong Profile

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Hi Robert!

For logging work, consider a large excavator for its power and reach. A grapple attachment is essential for handling logs. Look for models with robust undercarriage for rough terrain and high horsepower for steep slopes. A comfortable cab with good visibility is also important for operator safety and efficiency.

Remember to consider the total cost of ownership, including maintenance and fuel costs. Make sure to test drive a few models before making your decision.

Good luck on your search for the right excavator for your logging operations!

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