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Are you in the market for a Komatsu Excavator Price? Whether you’re looking to purchase one for personal projects or large-scale construction jobs, they offer reliable performance with an impressive array of features. When it comes to finding the right machine, there are several factors that can affect its price and overall value.

Komatsu Excavator Price

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide on Komatsu Excavator so you can find the perfect fit for your budget and needs. We’ll explore all available models from their standard lineup as well as discuss any special offers available at dealerships across the nation. So let’s get started and discover what makes these machines some of the best investments in excavation equipment!

The Komatsu Excavator introduction

In a word, Komatsu excavators are renowned in the construction industry for their exceptional performance, reliability, and advanced technology. Another key point, these machines come in various sizes and configurations, catering to diverse project needs. Mini excavators, for instance, excel in tight spaces and smaller projects, while standard and large excavators provide increased power and capacity for more demanding tasks.

In addition to size variety, Komatsu offers both wheeled and tracked excavator options, ensuring optimal mobility in different terrains. Moreover, these excavators boast cutting-edge features like efficient hydraulic systems, precise control, and reduced environmental impact, further enhancing their appeal. With a focus on operator comfort and safety, Komatsu excavators also feature ergonomic designs and advanced monitoring systems. In summary, Komatsu excavators deliver top-tier performance, versatility, and innovation, making them an excellent choice for various construction projects.

What are the common Komatsu excavator sizes?

Certainly, Komatsu excavators come in various sizes to accommodate diverse construction needs. Mini excavators, for instance, typically have an operating weight of less than 6 tons and are ideal for smaller projects or tight spaces. Moving up in size, standard excavators generally weigh between 10 and 50 tons, offering increased power and capacity for a wide range of tasks.

Moreover, large Komatsu excavators can weigh over 100 tons, providing exceptional performance for heavy-duty applications such as mining and large-scale construction projects. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Komatsu excavator prices vary depending on the machine’s size, features, and age. In conclusion, understanding the common Komatsu excavator sizes is crucial for selecting the right equipment for your specific project requirements and budget constraints.

What used Komatsu excavators does Yong Gong for sale?

Above all, all the used Komatsu excavators are for sale in Yong Gong, we include Komatsu mini excavators for sale and the large used excavators. So, please view the price list in the below chart.


The Komatsu Excavator Prices list from Yong Gong


Used Komatsu Excavator StyleUsed Komatsu Excavator Prices For Sale
Used Komatsu 55MR Excavator Price16000$
Used Komatsu PC120-6 Excavator Price25000$
Used Komatsu PC128US Excavator Price28000$

Used Komatsu PC130-7 Excavator Prices

Used Komatsu PC138US Excavator Price26000$
Used Komatsu PC160-7 Excavator Prices28000$
Used Komatsu PC200-10 Excavator Price50000$
Used Komatsu PC200-6 Excavator Price28000$
Used Komatsu PC200-6E Excavator Price26000$
Used Komatsu PC200-7 Excavator Prices27000$
Used Komatsu PC200-8 Excavator Prices35000$
Used Komatsu PC200-8N1 Price36000$
Komatsu 210 Excavator Prices34000$
Komatsu 350 Excavator Price43000$


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