Hyundai Excavator 110 5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

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The Hyundai Excavator 110 is a powerful construction machine with amazing features. If you’re looking for a Hyundai 110 excavator for sale, a Hyundai 110 digger specifications, or a Hyundai 110 machine price, this machinery has many startling details. Where can you buy a used Hyundai excavator 110 or what the fuel efficiency of this machine is? As we examine the Hyundai excavator model 110, Yonggong discover five surprising characteristics that make this heavy-duty earth mover an indispensable tool for any construction job.

Hyundai Excavator 110 5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

Great Fuel Economy

The Hyundai excavator 110 is exceptionally fuel-efficient for its class. Advanced fuel-saving technologies save operating expenses on the 110 excavator. The excavator uses 10% less fuel than comparable machines in its category, thanks to its unique hydraulic system and improved engine performance. It’s ideal for contractors who want to save on fuel without compromising power or productivity. The eco-friendly design meets industry emission regulations, making building greener.

The Hyundai excavator 110 has a significant advantage in fuel efficiency when compared to comparable models like the Caterpillar 313 and Komatsu PC130. While these competitors offer strong performance, the Hyundai model’s power-to-fuel savings mix sets it apart. In contrast to some older versions from other brands, the Hyundai 110 digger specifications include a cutting-edge auto-idle function that lowers fuel consumption when idle. Hyundai 110 construction equipment generally has real-time monitoring devices to track fuel usage and optimize operations. The Hyundai excavator 110 is a pioneer in efficiency and environmental responsibility in the heavy machinery sector thanks to this combination of features.

Cost and Value of Money

Consider the numerous aspects that affect the Hyundai excavator 110’s price. A new Hyundai 110 excavator costs between $100,000 and $150,000, depending on model, features, and attachments. For its powerful performance and cutting-edge technology, the Hyundai excavator model 110 is reasonably priced within its market segment. Dealer location, warranty packages, and customization can also affect the Hyundai 110 machine price, so consider them when budgeting.

A used excavator might maximize your investment. Used models cost $70,000 to $120,000, depending on condition, age, and hours. A used hydraulic excavator can save money and operate well. Used equipment should be bought from trusted vendors or marketplaces with complete examinations and maintenance records. Whether buying new or used excavator construction equipment, balancing cost and capabilities assures the best value.

Hyundai Excavator 110 Specifications

The excavator stands out because to its remarkable specs. The Hyundai excavator model 110 provides reliable performance on various terrains thanks to its potent engine, which can produce up to 125 horsepower. Advanced hydraulics provide precise control and efficient digging, making it excellent for challenging excavation projects. The Hyundai 110 digger specifications include a maximum digging depth of 20 feet and a bucket capacity of 1.2 cubic yards for heavy-duty applications.

The Hyundai excavator 110 has a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and versatility when compared to similar construction equipment. When compared to the Komatsu PC130-11 and Caterpillar 313, for example, the Hyundai 110 construction equipment has better fuel efficiency and operator comfort. The Hyundai 110 hydraulic excavator stands out with features including an ergonomic cabin, comprehensive monitoring systems, and customization attachments. These features, along with trustworthy performance metrics, make the Hyundai 110 heavy machinery a popular choice for contractors seeking a balance of power, precision, and efficiency in earth moving tasks.

Weight and Portability

The Hyundai excavator 110’s weight affects portability and efficiency. The Hyundai 110 hydraulic excavator weighs around 24,000 pounds (about 11 metric tons). The weight lets it dig and haul heavy objects while remaining stable on varied terrains. The moderate weight makes it easy to transport without specific equipment or licenses, making it a good alternative for contractors who often transfer machines between job sites.

Making sure the transport vehicle can handle the Hyundai excavator 110’s size and weight are important factors. The Hyundai 110 heavy machinery is typically hauled on a lowboy trailer due to its capacity to carry heavy loads and easy loading/unloading. Securement is also essential to prevent transit movement. Equally crucial is understanding how excavator weight affects operational efficiency. The weight of the Hyundai 110 construction equipment helps it dig and lift. Contractors can maximize the Hyundai 110 earth mover’s benefits by considering transport and operational factors.

Hyundai Excavator 110 5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

Choosing Used Excavator

Several trustworthy sources and marketplaces stand out when deciding where to buy a used Hyundai excavator 110. Certified pre-owned equipment from authorized Hyundai dealerships is a good starting point because it has been inspected and maintained.

Consider these vital recommendations to obtain the greatest deal on a used Hyundai excavator 110. Be sure to get a full maintenance history to check the machine’s condition and faults. Check the Hyundai 110 digger specifications to make sure all parts operate. Monitor engine performance, hydraulic system, and moving part wear.

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