5 Used Excavator Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

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If you’re in the market for a used excavator, it’s important to keep in mind that proper maintenance is key to keeping your machine running smoothly. Excavators are big, expensive pieces of machinery, and if you don’t take care of them they can quickly become a headache and a drain on your finances. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five used excavator maintenance tips that will help you keep your machine in top condition!

used excavator maintenance

Regularly inspect the excavator for any signs of wear and tear

Taking good care of an excavator is important for ensuring optimal performance and extending its life span. There are some used excavator maintenance tips that can help you keep your excavator functioning at its peak potential for years to come!

A regular maintenance schedule should include a close visual inspection to check for any signs of wear and tear. It is also helpful to ensure that all lubricants, hydraulic lines, filters, hoses, and coolers are in good condition and properly secured. Regularly replacing parts can help prevent costly breakdowns in the future by addressing issues before they become bigger problems.

Additionally, it’s wise to remember to check the excavation’s tires for proper inflation as well as clear any debris or dirt buildup from components such as additional counterweights or air filters.

Change the oil regularly to keep all parts lubricated

Properly maintaining an excavator is essential for both productivity and safety. It is important to remember to regularly change the oil on the machine to keep all vital parts lubricated. Regular oil changes should be a key detail when performing excavator maintenance, as it enables operators to increase efficiency without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Besides minimal oil loss between changes, other signs that an oil change is due include excess smoke, losses in fuel economy or hydraulic performance, or any brake system issues. While changing the oil isn’t necessary with every use of the excavator, following a schedule of regular replacements is invaluable in keeping an engine running at peak performance.

Check hoses, belts, and filters for any damage or blockages

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping all of your major excavator components functioning properly, particularly when it comes to used machines. It’s important to regularly inspect any hoses, belts, and filters for damage or blockage. As a part of this process, these items should be replaced at the recommended intervals regardless of condition.

Additionally, operators should be vigilant in watching out for signs of wear and tear or other operating difficulties as they use the machine so that any problems can be flagged and addressed quickly. Taking the time to practice regular maintenance can help ensure that your excavator is kept in tip top shape for years to come.

Make sure all bolts are tight and secure

Regular inspections are essential to keep the machine functioning at peak performance and longevity. It is especially important to ensure that all bolts and screws are securely fastened in place, as loose connections can cause dangerous malfunctions or worse. All users of such equipment should understand the importance of inspecting to ensure all components have been put together correctly for optimal performance and durability.

Clean off dirt and debris from the machine after each use

Regularly-scheduled maintenance of an excavator is critical for extending the life of your equipment.

Regularly removing such particles can help it be more efficient. It also helps to prevent wearing down blades or other tools you may use regularly with the machine.

Additionally, it’s wise to pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from your excavator so that you may identify issues more quickly and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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